Monthly Maintenance Package Helps Your Business Grow

Websites are no longer set and forget. They must be maintained and kept current. And We don’t just mean updating the content and look of … the site to the customer. We mean the background of the site. This is the part that the customer never sees. This is where search engines like Google, Bing, and others see your site. For instance, Google has what is called a Google Bot that crawls the web checking out websites and keywords that you are using to attract searchers to your website. (More about that later.) This is also where hackers try to gain access to your site.

With new software and new technology being developed daily, the website must be monitored and updated as needed. Here at LHV Web Solutions, we believe the two most important responsibilities of maintaining any website are performance and security. This is why we offer a Monthly Maintenance Package for your website. This is of course optional but highly recommended. If you feel comfortable with maintaining your website we will set you up with all of the login information and passwords created on your behalf. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Here are a few of the tasks that should be done daily if not at least weekly.

  • Check website for functionality (Make sure all pages open and all links work.)
  • Check and update any software that has an update as the software we use is always being improved and new guards are implemented against hackers and viruses.
  • Check code to make sure there are no issues that need addressing
  • Work with the website hosting company to maintain the performance of the site.

These are just a few of the responsibilities of website maintenance. As you can see the main goals are to make sure the website is performing at its peak. To make sure that access to the website remains uninterrupted to your customers at all times. And that all visitors to your site are safe and feel safe while visiting your website. It’s all about giving you and your business the best opportunity to succeed on the internet.

Of course the bigger the website the more maintenance it will require to keep them running smoothly. Keeping their websites up to date and running efficiently is one reason they are so successful. Take Amazon, if their site didn’t work half the time or when you clicked on something you wanted to buy it took you to something else of nowhere at all; do you think they would be successful at all? Not likely.