Steps To Setting Up A Website Construction of a website

Before Setting Up Any Website You Need To Make A Few Important Decisions.

It is best to have a plan before going forward. Below you will find a shortlist to work from. As you can imagine designing and building a website is not to be taken lightly. After all, it is a representation of you and your business to the world. These items listed below are more or less a starting point. None of this is set in stone but it will give you an idea of what you will need regardless of who you get to build your new website. When you contact us these are some of what we will be discussing with you about your build.

  • Decide the primary purpose of your website.
  • Do market research for your service or product to determine your target market.
  • Obtain a domain name that best suits your company and your objectives.
  • Choose a Host for your website.
  • Create content that describes your product and then build the pages to showcase that content.
  • Establish a plan for implementing SEO for the website.
  • Incorporate the proper Meta Tags and Analytics for search engine promotion.
  • Set up any Social Media links you use to promote your website.
  • Set up Virus and Malware protection for the website.
  • Setup a strong firewall to guard against hackers.
  • Collect and add any images or artwork needed to showcase your services or products.
  • Decide what emails you will need for employees or departments. (i.e. contact-us@ your website
  • Set up contact emails with the website’s domain name for credibility. (example – info@your website
  • Test all aspects of your site before going live on the internet.
  • Maintain your website and SEO to gain a higher position in the search engines.

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